The professionals at LIFETIME Plumbing and Heating rely on expertise built over years of experience. They offer their extensive knowledge and background in these helpful tips that can help you save money, conserve energy, and maintain comfort throughout your home. Select any area and learn from our technicians!

Professional Tips from LIFETIME:


Heating and Hot Water

  • Keep the area around your furnace clear of clutter: There are minimum clearances for combustible materials posted on a sticker on your furnace. Be sure to read this carefully and abide by its directions.
  • Bleed a forced hot water system with radiators every year: Air gets trapped inside the radiator and can reduce its ability to heat  effectively. This will make it more efficient and quiet. Be sure to turn off your central heating system before you begin.
  • Change forced air heating air filters frequently: Change them once a month, particularly when the heating or air conditioning  systems are in heavy use.
  • Consider replacing a water heater that’s more than 15 years old: Check the serial number of your unit – the first four digits  represent the month and year it was made. Newer water heaters are more energy efficient. LIFETIME can help with the job and  cover you with our Lifetime Service Guarantee.
  • Drain the water heater every 6 months: Open the drain valve at the bottom, letting the water run into a bucket until it looks clear (usually about 5 gallons). This will prevent sediment accumulation.
  • Annually test water heater temperature-pressure relief: Lift or depress the pressure relief valve handle and drain water from the  overflow pipe. If water doesn’t drain out, valve may need replacement. Shut off water to the heater, open a hot water faucet  somewhere in the house, and call a LIFETIME technician to help replace the valve.
  • Schedule LIFETIME’s preventive maintenance once a year: The best time to do this is during the beginning of the heating season.  You’ll get more specialized attention and flexibility in appointment scheduling.
  • When you need help: LIFETIME Certified Technicians are always ready to assist you with service and repairs – and quality workmanship backed up by our Lifetime Service Guarantee!

Ecology and Green Energy Saving

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