The professionals at LIFETIME Plumbing and Heating rely on expertise built over years of experience. They offer their extensive knowledge and background in these helpful tips that can help you save money, conserve energy, and maintain comfort throughout your home. Select any area and learn from our technicians!

Professional Tips from LIFETIME:


  • Know your water shutoff valve location: Even the kids should know how to turn off the water – it can stop a leaking pipe or overflowing toilet from becoming a home flood.
  • Keep a repair kit for emergencies: While they can’t replace a proper repair, solutions such as repair tape, special clamp-type  pipe sealers, and even some clamps and sheet rubber can get you through an emergency until LIFETIME can arrive. Keep the  kit close to your shut-off valve.
  • If a pipe freezes: Shut off main water supply. Open the faucet nearest to the frozen pipe. Gradually warm the frozen pipe. A hair  dryer or heating pad can do the trick. Once thawed, take steps to prevent reoccurrence. Foam tubes of pipe insulation can help.
  • Prevent clogged drains: Taking simple steps can help avoid stop-ups. Don’t pour grease or coffee grounds down the sink. Pouring  boiling, sudsy water down the drain can reduce grease buildup. Hair and soap are the most common culprits for bathroom clogs –  try a filtering screen. Use chemical cleaners sparingly – some caustic chemicals can corrode metal pipes.
  • Don’t forget outside faucets: They can freeze in winter cold. Disconnect and drain your garden hoses, turn-off the indoor cut-off  valve located near the faucet, and open the outdoor faucet. If there is no cut-off valve, LIFETIME can install one.
  • Handle a steaming hot water faucet: It indicates an overheating hot water heater. Turn off the gas or electric to the heater. Let all  your hot faucets run until only cold water flows. Call in a LIFETIME professional to make any necessary repairs to the heater’s  thermostat and pressure relief valve.
  • Keep your garbage disposal clean: Run it regularly; pour a little dish soap and let the disposal run for a minute with cold water.  Grind citrus peels, such as lemons, to help eliminate foul smells. Grind egg shells or small fruit pits to clean disposal’s walls.
  • Avoid drop-in toilet cleaner tabs: When almost dissolved, the tank flushes the debris into the toilet bowl and it can clog the port  holes, which are vital to the flushing mechanism. It can take months for the debris to dissolve without the help of a professional.
  • When you need a pro: Sometimes you just need the skill, assistance and know-how only your LIFETIME technician can provide  to fix a problem. We’re ready, 24/7, to help – and stand behind every repair with our Lifetime Service Guarantee!

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